About Us

Gary Fiocco, CEO

As CEO of BLVD Medical, Gary is responsible for the direction and vision that drives the company’s success. His personal mission is to help to save and improve lives and the mission of BLVD Medical is to save and protect lives, globally. Gary’s proven track record and extensive experience and business contacts in healthcare and specifically the clinical research industry that drives discovery of new drugs, devices and therapeutics, allowed Gary to quickly adapt to the unprecedented medical and PPE needs that are driven by the COVID-19 pandemic. Pulling together some of the best healthcare and business minds, BLVD Medical was formed and built to successfully meet its mission.

Gary is a seasoned entrepreneur, with over 25 years of hands-on business experience. He founded and built companies in healthcare, manufacturing and technology industries. He knows what it takes to get things accomplished, through building high functioning teams that stay focused on the mission and by inspiring team members through clarity, purpose and accountability.

Additionally, Gary enjoys working individually with entrepreneurs to help them to develop their corporate vision, business strategy and leadership and communication skills. In many cases, he successfully served as mentor and mediator helping many through some of the most challenging events for a business and their leadership.

Over 25 Years Experience & Knowledge Of
Manufacturing, Logistics, and Administration

BLVD Medical is made up of a unique blend of people, partners and partnership relations. With far-reaching experience throughout the medical services industry, we deliver real-time solutions via unmatched resources. No manufacturing, sourcing, creating or moving assignment is too much for us to tackle during these critical times nor is there a request beyond our reach. Our operations may be global but our service continues to feel local. So from all of us at BLVD Medical,
“How can We Help You?”

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We believe in the safety, education, support and success of all those that we work with and for. If you are interested in finding out how we can assist you, please make an appointment with our team.