BLVD Medical COVID-19 Testing

BLVD Medical offers the following products in conjunction with our COVID-19 testing and compliance services. Please contact a member of our team for more information.


Read our COVID-19 Business Compliance Plan

Documentation Plan

  • Testing can be used out of the box or customized to the specific needs of your business/company.

Weekly Screening

  • Goal is to rapidly and accurately screen employees
  • Negative results – employee is able to safely and confidently continue to work
  • Positive results – the employee will self-isolate at home and re-test

Testing Program

  • Provide OTC test kit paired with video conferencing
  • Weekly antigen testing appointment with healthcare professional¬†
  • HIPAA compliant web conferencing application
  • Visual observation of test collection and antigen test processing
  • Official lab report generated from CLIA laboratory

Partner With Us

We believe in the safety, education, support and success of all those that we work with and for. If you are interested in finding out how we can assist you, please make an appointment with our team.